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Why Suffer In Silence With Fibroids

For years many women tolerate day to day life experiencing a wide range of symptoms typical of fibroids without actually knowing this is what they have. Heavy bleeding that follows the monthly cycle, sever cramps and lower back pain, increased fatigue and forgetfulness, cramps, headaches and general unease, are just some of the many symptoms that come with fibroids. Sometimes it is fear of the worst that prevent women from going for a check up and ultimately putting their mind at rest. Perhaps they have a family […]

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Stop Fibroids Bleeding

Fibroids are not always troublesome but in those cases where discomfort is an everyday burden life can become not only difficult but also embarrassing. Symptoms can range from heavy, prolonged bleeding which follows menstruation, anaemia, lower back pain, weight gain, pain during intercourse and increased fatigue. When the symptoms experienced become too much to bear many women go through depression as treatment after treatment fails to work. But research has shown that there is a range of natural products that can stop fibroids from bleeding. Such natural […]

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How to Shrink Fibroids Naturally

More and more women are considering natural methods to help with fibroids. Because fibroids are not considered life threatening they are often underestimated where treatment is concerned. Many fibroids are not associated with pain and discomfort, considering they generally do not produce any adverse effects. But for those women who deal with monthly debilitating symptoms, they are often dismissed by the GP and prescribed a mild medication which has not beneficial relief. For this very reason, it is no wonder that women are now researching the more […]

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