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Why Suffer In Silence With Fibroids

For years many women tolerate day to day life experiencing a wide range of symptoms typical of fibroids without actually knowing this is what they have. Heavy bleeding that follows the monthly cycle, sever cramps and lower back pain, increased fatigue and forgetfulness, cramps, headaches and general unease, are just some of the many symptoms that come with fibroids. Sometimes it is fear of the worst that prevent women from going for a check up and ultimately putting their mind at rest. Perhaps they have a family […]

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Can Fibroids Be Cured

Fibroids are related to the imbalance of the female hormone oestrogen, therefore most women who experience or suffer from fibroids tend to be in their reproductive years. Fibroids develop as a result of too much oestrogen in the body which is often the case in women who are obsess or who life an unhealthy lifestyle with a poor diet. In most cases fibroids do not cause any harm to the women and therefore treatment is generally not required. But in those cases where pain and bleeding make […]

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