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Types of Fibroids and Treatment

Because fibroids can be present without causing any noticeable symptoms, many women go through life unaware that they actually have them. Many women may even develop fibroids at some stage in life, usually the fertile years, only to have them naturally disappear once the menopause sets in. This is because fibroids are related to the female reproductive hormone oestrogen produced by the ovaries. However there are a percentage of women who will experience complications as a result of fibroids. This may be experienced by severe abdominal pain […]

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How to Stop Fibroids From Growing

Fibroids are said to develop as a result of the body possessing too much estrogen. An imbalance of the estrogen hormone can be triggered by obesity, hormonal imbalances or a build up of estrogen that actually mimics substances contained in the liver. The way to control fibroids or prevent them from growing is to firstly identify the cause behind them and eliminate the harmful factors that cause them to grow larger. Every individual will respond differently to the various primary and secondary factors which contribute to fibroid […]

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How to Shrink Fibroids Naturally

More and more women are considering natural methods to help with fibroids. Because fibroids are not considered life threatening they are often underestimated where treatment is concerned. Many fibroids are not associated with pain and discomfort, considering they generally do not produce any adverse effects. But for those women who deal with monthly debilitating symptoms, they are often dismissed by the GP and prescribed a mild medication which has not beneficial relief. For this very reason, it is no wonder that women are now researching the more […]

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